About me…

During this unprecedented time on our planet I am doing my healing work via Zoom and FaceTime.  This distance energy work is just as effective and can be even more effective than being face to face.  We are not only connected we are one and as a result the energy work is not at all impeded by distance.

I have been a life-long seeker of truth and my life path has taken me all over the world learning from many healers, gurus and therapists.  I use many tools to help my clients on their healing journey including various counseling techniques, energy work,  trauma healing, meditation, crystal bed  healing, reiki and yoga.  During my 25 years in private practice I have seen counseling and energy work to be the most powerful and supportive combination because it is beneficial on every level – mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.  I also facilitate workshops using various energy healing techniques, meditation, movement and sound. 

More recently I have found non-dual counseling to be the most clarifying for my clients.  This is a process of introspection and self-inquiry to uncover false beliefs and untruths.  It assists us to shift out of the old paradigms of suffering to approach our life from a place of greater clarity, wisdom and truth; no matter what life throws our way. 

Humanity is being called to evolve.  Transcending our limiting beliefs and  learning from our suffering is part of that evolution. When our energy is clear and unencumbered by old baggage and egoic tendencies our light can shine brightly in the world.