About me…

My work is rooted in non- duality with the understanding that we have incarnated to learn lessons and to discover our true nature. Everything happens to guide us to the ultimate truth that all life shares the same source. Once this is known and lived this wisdom can infuse every aspect of your life.

I use many tools including energy work, Somatic Experiencing – trauma healing, crystal bed therapy, Imago Relationship Therapy, reiki and yoga. I am intuitive and empathic and use these skills to guide you.  I will help you to “tune in” to yourself in a deeper way and teach you how to do this for yourself.  All the wisdom we need is within us all we have to do is to take the time to hear its subtle language. Unfortunately this is rarely taught to us and and as a result we make decisions that are from our old habits and conditioning and not from our center.  We can become stuck in these habits and behaviors even when they no longer serve us. 

It is possible to overcome these limiting ways of being and free yourself. This will open your energy dramatically and help heal you on every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

This is the focus of my work and I am passionate about helping guide you on your spiritual path and on your healing journey and I look forward to meeting you!