Energy Work


We are continually exposed to energy from the world around us and  we can be effected dramatically by our own  thoughts, feelings, beliefs and conditioning.  Built up energy can impact our thinking, our mood and our physical bodies and can make us feel wired, depressed, drained or tired. Energy can build up slowly over time so we don’t always realize that we are being effected.  Many people say after receiving energy work that they feel so much lighter but they had no idea that they were heavy!  It can be kind of like a reboot of your computer immediately calming the body, focusing the mind and helping our system to function with greater ease.

Some of the benefits include: Deep relaxation,  calming  of the nervous system and reduced anxiety,  reduced pain and inflammation, increased energy, grounding and centering,  clarity, greater sense of wellbeing, healthy detachment and increase in immune function.  Each persons experience of energy work is unique. Some people begin to experience an immediate change physically and/or emotionally while others will feel the effects more gradually.

We are energy and spirit and consciousness itself and our awareness of this truth strengthens, liberates, heals and changes us.  Attending to your energy  can be a direct way of clearing debris and static that causes unrest.  Regular clearing and realignment can assist with increased energy, transformation, physical healing, spiritual awareness and self realization.

Earths Vibrational Changes

The vibratory levels and electromagnetic fields of the earth are constantly changing and these shifts can have a profound effect on our bodies, health, emotions and overall energy.  Many people are reporting odd physical symptoms, emotional outbursts, anxiety and depression that can come and go or can persist until the energy is fully released.  Energy work can help us  acclimatize and understand these changes and move through them faster and with less struggle.

I highly recommend if you are experiencing physical or emotional discomfort to give some energy work a try.