Corona virus – Spiritual update

The corona virus presents all of humanity with a unique spiritual opportunity. It is very important to stay informed but also to not reach the” tipping point” where you are gripped by fear.

This virus has many messages one is to stop what you are doing and become still. Unplug from your usual routine and use this time to strengthen spiritually. When do we ever all have this opportunity? Most spiritual insights and wisdom come when we are quiet and still and when we are challenged we grow the most.

When we get sick we know something is out of balance and we generally have to take some time to rebalance our system and become well. This is a global illness that is effecting many many human beings and it is time to rebalance both personally and universally.

What does this mean? It will take time to glean all the wisdom from our current situation.  If you go within rest assured you will know what you need to do to become more balanced internally and externally.

We are being asked to tend to ourselves and in so doing we are taking care of the whole of humanity. What a beautiful and timely metaphor! We may not be able to be in each others physical presence at this time but now more than ever we can see the evidence of our interconnectedness. Trust that we are in a great process of change and embrace it to the best of your ability.

Sending you all so much love!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

The Spiritual Living Room

Here is a short recap of last nights Spiritual Living Room. I hope to see you next month.

The evening began with a meditation bringing us into presence. When we all settled and became still the energy shift in the room was palpable. Space opened up as our awareness shifted away from doing to simply being.

We talked about how creating the time in our busy lives to “be” had to be scheduled in and given priority. Everything has become so immediate and fast paced that we have to remember to take time for ourselves and unplug. The gifts of this practice can be felt quickly with less stress in the body and clearer more spacious thinking.
We allow thoughts and feelings to move through and focus on the the knowing “I exist”, “I am.” This is the life force energy that we share with all living things.    It is here that the true self can be revealed spontaneously giving rise to clarity, wisdom, joy and healing.
This is why we are here to remember who and what we really are. I hope that the Spiritual Living Room becomes a sacred space for spiritual discovery.
The next meeting will be on Thursday Dec. 19th at 7pm and I will send out an announcement in early December.
With Love